• I've had my water kefir/kombucha out all day. Is it still good to drink?

    "Yes, the flavor may slightly change due to the microbial activity having a party because of the warm temperatures. But it's still safe to drink. You can just rechill it or throw some ice cubes in it.

  • I forgot to put the bottles in to chill for a few days. Is it still ok to open?

    "Hard no, don't open it. It's still OK and perfectly fine to drink but it "MIGHT" be SUPER CARBONATED. Noticed the CAPS? Worst case scnario, it may spray out like a yellow stone geyser. I'd keep it really chilled (not frozen) for at least 3-4 days in the coldest spot of your fridge. Then open it over a sink with a cup OR outside."
  • Is it safe for my kids and Diabetic friendly?

    "Yes, It's made with Spring Water or Alkaline. It's full of beneficial enzymes, good bacteria and live probiotics. Zero food coloring. Nothing artifical, and Non-Gmo. It's a powerhouse for a  healthy/thriving gut flora. The brewer's mother is Diabetic and she drinks it everyday.

  • Can I drink it at night?

    "Absolutely, there's no caffeine and it's low in sugar. A lot of people use it as healthy "mocktails" it's fun. Especially the Dragon Fruit Lychee in a Champagne Flute. The color is so beautiful. It may look like a Bubbly Rose. But it'll taste and make you feel way better. 

  • Is it ok to use it as a cocktail mixer?

    Yes, I would highly suggest rehydrating with Probiotics AFTER. BECAUSE, The microbiota in your gut has ALOT to do with how quick you recover from a hangover. 

  • Is there such a thing as too much Probiotics?

    There's always such a thing as too much. Standford School of Medicine suggests 6oz serving up to 3 times a day. Example, water kefir in the morning, yogurt at brunch, kimchi in the pm. 
  • It's advised to keep Jun Kombucha & Water Kefir refridgerated. How are you able to ship?

    The product is shipped in cycles.  Meaning the microbiota is finishing it's fermentation while it's on it's way to you (The time is accounted for in the brewing process, which @gud_bru keeps track of)

    So when you recieve your delicious beverages you'll finish the process by chilling the bottles for a min of 72hrs. What this does is calms down/puts the microbiota to sleep so it doesn't explode everywhere when you open it. It also serves to round out the flavors. (We call this bottle conditioning)

  • Is it necessary to chill it for 72hrs?

    It's highly advised/recommended. You could try and open it after 24hrs of chilling BUT you run the risk of it spraying everywhere and although it'll still be really tasty, it would be even BETTER if you waited.