Gud Bru itself has been around over a decade. It's been the colloborate effort of a lot of special ppl in my life. 

In 2020 after Rona sucked my training business to dust. I focused on Gud Bru. I didn't get sick and I owe it to Gud Bru for giving me a healthy gut microbiome. 

I spent a number of years as a mixologist/bartending. A few seasons at Cooper Moutain Vineyards. Also having a background in sports nutrition also immensely helped.

I feel those combined experiences morphed Gud Bru into what it is.
I'm lucky to craft some unusually tasty yet healthy drinks. My mom is also diabetic, with high blood pressure. 

She drinks both everyday. The Jun Kombucha, and the Water Kefir. My mom likes to drink it after a rich meal to help digestion. I love my mom and want my folks around as long time ya'll. 

(btw I have both on Jun Kombucha and Water Kefir on  tap for my parents)

(It's ESPECIALLY beneficial post antibiotics treatment to add healthy flora back into your gut microbiome)

~Life is made up of actions, and actions begins with thoughts, and if our foods/gutmicrobiome affects our thoughts? We can assume if we change our foods/gutmcrobiome we will positively change our lives. 

(Only the Bougiest ingredients)
Cheers from my famila to you & yours!

Appreciate you,
Kris L.

GUT HEALTH by Kris Laiom/design/DAFbKxSiq6g/watch